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moowee is an app for movie fans

It's a "hot or not" app you use to rate movies you know while discovering new ones.

The coolest thing is that as you do so, moowee learns what you like and display movies you would probably like more than others. The more you rate, the better it gets

You can register at any time or not at all. Registration gives you the possibility to create multiple movie profiles that represent your status(es) like 'with friends', 'alone and kind of tired', 'with Susan', 'need more of those blue-tinted sci-fi', 'intellectually minded'. You can make also profiles like 'those brown-tinted history romances I love and Karl doesn't hate', so when you are with Karl and you are about to choose what will you watch together, you can use this profile to make a 'fair' decision ;)

If you are 'in' specific profile moowee won't display movies you down-voted anymore and will display movies relevant for this particular profile.

...and Picks: You use picks to make a list of movies you don't want to miss to watch.

moowee is now in stage of beta version, so not everything is perfect. We are working on it:)

If you like or dislike something you can reach us with email: info at moowee dot net